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Sep. 10th, 2010

smile, happiness

Determination runs in the family

Work is slow. It's moving at about the pace of a molasses on a cold day. I suppose I shouldn't really complain. From what I can gather talking to the other people in the office building it's a little bit like an ER. It's either feast or famine. In a way, I guess that I'm glad. It leaves me plenty of time to work on jutsu, seal theory, and, er, get to know my neighbors. Though, I suppose that I shouldn't be so surprised that they aren't happy with me. I did move into a civilian condo complex, afterall. I even got chastised by a lady for the traps on my door (how was I supposed to know that her son was going to come by selling cookies for school and try to open my door when I didn't answer? I mean, the kid is okay. Sure, his hair turned blue, but at least I hadn't bothered with the full set of traps that I use when I'm not in the building. That would've been a disaster). Maybe I should give up the nice neighborhood and move into one of the strictly shinobi sections of the village? Sure, there will likely be more harassment and the stares (really, if one more person addresses me as Yondaime, I think I'll scream and go hide under a rock. I'd love to get there someday, but it is so unnerving to have so many people attributing things to me that I didn't do). But I'll also not have to worry about the hours I keep, the odd noises that can sometimes come from my place, and the traps I put up. I'll think about it. 

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Aug. 30th, 2010


All work and no play...

Moved into the office today. It's decently furnished, too. You'd be amazed at the amount of stuff that people get rid of at garage and estate sales. There was some angry wife who was selling some poor shinobi's entire scroll collection. There were quite a few good pieces in it, too. His loss is my profit. I'm actually liking the hours I've got this thing set up for. Leaves me plenty of time in the evenings to start jutsu work.

On a side note: I finally got around to using my summons in order to get one to act as my secretary. Let me tell you that had to be the oddest reception I've gotten since I've been here. I practically ended up with every single summon in the entire toad line trying to cram in my office to marvel at me. It never really hit before this that I was dead to others in the same way that so many are dead to me. It was wonderful to see them, but it was so hard to convince them not to let a word of it out to Jiraiya-sensei or my son. I had to promise twice the food ration payment. I'm going to end up so broke so fast. The good news is Grun-chan agreed to act as my secretary.

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Aug. 29th, 2010

smile, happiness

Off to see the Wizard...

Saw the Hokage today. Who would've thought it would turn out to be Tsunade-hime? Though, I supposed that now she would be Hokage-sama... The good news is, I have my rank (thank Kami, can you imagine having to retake all those exams? I'd rather not have to go through the jonin one again. It was awful the first time) and a job. It is a bit of a desk job, but, then again, that's what I get for complaining about the lack of security. I was just put in charge of all the new world arrivals. Which means, I'm pushing paper for a while.  It also means, that if you are not native to this plane of existence, I need you to swing by my office for an interview and to see where we can place you. Or if you are need of anything at all, please come by. The office hours are between 0600-1200 and 1500-1800. Feel free to stop by.

Aug. 28th, 2010


The Writings on the Wall

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Aug. 27th, 2010

mad, serious

Attempt number two

now that i have that figured out, please disregard the previous entry. one would think that somehow managing to jump over ten years into the future technology would not have changed that much. but like this whole thing, i am endlessly surprised. this place feels like home. hell, until i saw my face on the mountain and noted the lack of security measures, i would have thought that i was home. this place is distinctly odd though. if there is anyone out there who knows me-or knew me, people keep claiming i am dead- contact me. i think that i will be at the memorial tomorrow morning. no one will tell me anything about kushina or my other comrades. they just keep saying that i should go visit. i have a sinking feeling in my gut thanks to what Hasegawa-san said on the way here.
mad, serious

The Rabbit Hole

how the hell does this thing work ? the clerk said you just type and then press

Aug. 22nd, 2010


My App

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